Curacao is a small island state located on the Caribbeans. We often see that it is called the Old Netherlands Antilles, as it was formerly a Dutch colony. The country of Curacao is recognized with its casino license. This is why players who play in online casinos know the name Curacao. Curacao casino license is the oldest and most common casino license in the industry. You can see that an online casino is licensed in Curacao by its logo on the footer. By clicking that logo, you can see that license is valid or not.

We cannot say exactly the number of Curacao licensed casinos, as many new casinos are launched day by day. However, we can easily say that more than half of the online casinos in the world are Curacao licensed. The reason the Curacao license is so common is because of the scope of the Curacao License. Unlike some countries’ local casino licenses, an online casino with a Curacao license can accept players from almost all countries of the world according to Curacao laws. That’s why, many online casinos, no matter which country they will serve, usually get a Curacao License.

Online casinos with a Curacao license can offer their players casino games of all service providers, all games such as sports betting, poker. Curacao licensed online casinos are also allowed to use all payment methods. Curacao licensed casinos can use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method as well. The biggest advantage of the Curacao license for players is that Curacao licensed casinos do not have to request documents from their players.

The Curacao casino license is a more player-friendly license that provides flexibility to online casinos and does not make players get stressed. When a player playing in a Curacao licensed online casino has problems, he or she can report the online casino site to Curacao and the unit to which the complaint is forwarded can contact the online casino to deal with your problem. If you have problems, you can report Curacao licensed casinos to Curacao License Authority. We hope you don’t have problems with online casinos. That’s why we take care to promote only the best Curacao licensed casino sites on our site.

Best Curacao Casinos List 2020

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Why Is Curacao License Important?

Legal permission is required to set up an online casino. An online casino site can add casino games and payment methods with its Curacao license. Otherwise, an online casino cannot serve to its players. Many countries provide license for online casinos. However, they usually provide a license for their own country. But, Curacao license covers the entire world. Even in countries where betting is prohibited, it is possible to register on Curacao licensed casinos and play games. The Curacao casino license covers most of the countries around the world. There are already a few countries that issue casino licenses. Malta is the most well-known casino license after Curacao. Malta is an island country like Curacao, it is located in the Mediterranean sea and a member of the European Union. There may be some who think Malta is more serious and more reliable because of its membership in the European Union. However, the rules of the Maltese license are stricter and have more restrictions, and Maltese licensed casinos need to request a lot of documents from players. Players can often have problems sending documents to the online casino and verifying their accounts. Curacao licensed casinos are not required to request documents from players. Curacao licensed sites are advantageous because they don’t ask players to send documents for account confirmation. Because many players play and lose the money won in the online casino during the process of sending account confirmation and documents.

If we compare the Curacao license with the Maltese license, the online casino licensed in Curacao is definitely more advantageous for the player than the Malta-licensed casinos. But let’s not forget that whether a casino is good or not is dependent on the service it provides. No casino license alone would make an online casino reliable. An online casino might abuse its license by adding some nonsense rules to its terms and conditions, therefore a player could not be able to get his winnings. Therefore, the license does not make a casino reliable. Before you register on an online casino, you should also investigate whether that casino is reliable.

Best Curacao Licensed Casinos

The first thing that makes an online casino safe, no matter what license it has, is related to its payment to the players. If that casino pays players’ winning without a problem, that casino can be called as “reliable”. What is it to pay the player’s money without problems? What are the features that make an online casino the best for us?

  • An online casino player should pay the players’ winnings as quickly as it can. If an online casino player doesn’t process withdrawals right away, if that withdrawal is in pending status for days, the first thing that’s going to bring to our minds is that the casino is waiting for you to lose your winning. This behavior does not suit any honest casino. An online casino should pay the players’ winning as fast as possible, and let them enjoy their winning. Just as players’ deposits are credited instantly to the players’ account, withdrawals should be processed in that way. Instant payments might not be possible, but an honest casino must pay the winning as fast as possible. That’s why we take into account the withdrawal time of the online casinos listed on our web site.
  • An online casino player should not request a document for a withdrawal. If an online casino requests a document from the player placing a withdrawal order, that will cause the withdrawal process to take longer. Many different documents ask for many documents including Selfies to approve players’ withdrawals. Sometimes it is also difficult for the player to obtain the document on the desired criteria. Also, some casinos do not accept many documents and request new ones, and new ones. After that, players get angry, cancel their withdrawal, and unfortunately lose their money. As stated in our article, Curacao licensed sites are not required to request documents from players. This is one of the criteria for being the best Curacao Licensed Casino Casino for us.
  • No cancellations of withdrawals. Canceling their withdrawals always makes players angry. Canceling a player’s withdrawal without informing and canceling it just for a nonsense reason show that online casino does not behave honestly. That is another way of telling that, we cancel your withdrawal, and it is your time to lose it. Withdrawals should not be canceled for document approval, account review etc. If player has to withdraw his winning with a different method, that player should be informed and he should cancel his withdrawal request and place it again with an appropriate method. In some online casinos, players can lock their withdrawals. In some casinos, players cannot cancel their withdrawals. We can call those casinos as fair casinos.
  • Maximum withdrawal limits. Anyone who plays in online casinos undoubtedly wants to win large amounts of money. Also, online casinos promote themselves by phrases like “Win Big”, “Win Jackpots”. If the player wins, the withdrawal limits must be high in order to be paid as quickly as possible. Daily withdrawal limits are understandable. However, online casinos should not have weekly or monthly withdrawals limits. Otherwise, the player must wait until the next month to withdraw money when he or she wins. This is, of course, a trap planned to let the player play and lose back. A reliable casino should not have that kind of rule.
  • Bonus rules should be fair. There are hundreds or thousands of online casinos for players to choose from. Online casinos compete with each other to make players prefer themselves and give players different bonuses. These bonuses, which attract the player and give the player an advantage, should not contain trap rules that cause problems for the player. There should be no maximum winning limit with the bonus. If the bonus wagering is completed, the player’s entire winnings are the player’s right. Games that are not allowed to be played with bonus money should be blocked automatically. If the system allows games that are not included in the bonus rules to be played and the player is unknowingly playing these games, they should not contribute to this bonus wagering. However, this bonus cancellation should not have unfair consequences, such as the deletion of the bonus winnings.

As mentioned in our article, whether you have Curacao, Malta, or any other license, whether a casino is the best or the fraudster is determined by its own practices. Unfortunately, no licensing authority examines the terms and conditions of online casinos or the terms of the bonus wagering. As long as an online casino writes it to the terms and conditions, it can also make all kinds of unfair actions. Licensed, one of the largest online casinos, advertised on television, sponsored football clubs, many famous online casino sites are not actually fair in practice. That’s why when reviewing online casinos, we take care to review them with a player’s eye and introduce you to the best Curacao licensed casino sites.


Curacao is an island country in the Caribbean Sea. It is geographically close to Venezuela. It is located in the north of Venezuela. Small planes fly from Venezuela to Curacao. Dutch is spoken in Curacao, which is a former Dutch colony. Its capital is Willemstad. It has a 140.000 population. It is possible to fly to Curacao from Europe from only Amsterdam airport by Dutch airline KML. When we search for Curacao, we see a picture of a beach with colorful and nostalgic houses that we share below.