Since you do not want to provide documents for security reasons, you prefer to play on sites that do not require documents.

Are betting sites that do not want documents reliable?

The reliability of betting sites can be understood not by requesting documents but by the quality of the service they provide. You can have an idea by examining the comments about betting sites on the internet complaint and comment platforms.

In the researches of people about the betting industry on the internet, we see that the research of casino sites that do not require documents is a little more prominent. Although the reason for this makes people who are unfamiliar with the sector think a little, it certainly does not surprise those who are deeply connected with the sector. Because, some betting companies request photocopies of their identity due to so-called security measures in order to return their earnings to them. This document, which is requested to be sent to the headquarters by courier or e-mail, often eliminates all the problems for people to receive their earnings. However, it should not be forgotten that people pose a trust problem here. Because today, many transactions can be carried out with the photocopy of the identity card, and even fraudulent activities can be organized.

Therefore, people who take the path of caution turn to companies that will not request documents from them neither for withdrawals nor in any transaction related to betting. Currently, there are dozens of different betting companies that can meet these requests. Before choosing these betting companies, you can access all the details about the companies on our website, and you can access the comments made about the companies or the user comments in an impartial way.