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The most important issue that users care about in live casino sites is undoubtedly personal information security. Because the information given to the website of membership can be address, telephone and sometimes even the TR ID number. Therefore, they want to be sure that this information is stored securely and will not be shared with 3rd party individuals and companies. Likewise, betting websites also require mutual trust. In exceptional cases, members may request documents for the source of payments made to the site account, security of user accounts and similar situations.

Betting sites that do not require documentation are obviously not very safe for us. It is very normal for a casio website that broadcasts in real terms to request documents from the members that want to ensure security. It is necessary to be suspicious of the site that does not do this. This is the truth of the matter. So, what are these documents requested for user confirmation? Passport or ID photocopy, driver’s license, a copy of an invoice registered in your name (such as natural gas, water, electricity, telephone), a copy of the card if payment has been made by credit card, in some special cases a selfie picture with ID. may be asked. This application is a necessary and short procedure for both the site and the user.

No website requests documents from members during the first membership. You can become a member of the betting site you want for free and within seconds. However, in extraordinary financial movements, suspicious use of bonuses and IP address differences, the betting site temporarily suspends your membership and asks you to send various documents. You can send the documents via e-mail or download them from the website and have your membership confirmed. Document request event is made only once. You will continue to use it continuously with your approved membership.


Which types of gambling sites request documents?

Illegal sites can request documents for membership or payments. Members of trusted ones can take action by sending their documents. However, there will be problems with fraudulent sites. Because the submitted documents can be used for different purposes. Betting sites that do not require documents should be preferred for this. These are those who wonder;

• You can get an idea thanks to the user comments available on the forums.

• You can learn from the customer service of the site you will register.

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