Which Casinos Can You Play Without ID Verification?

Mart 11, 2020 Posted in Online Casino by Yorum yapılmamış

The document request of betting companies does not only arise in withdrawals. Especially the number of people who are new members to the system and who encounter problems after making a deposit is also quite high. The problems experienced in such cases are that people deposit money from accounts belonging to different people. This situation can be thought of as not causing any problem at first sight. However, these companies require individuals to make transactions only from their own accounts and offer this as a contract clause. The situation clearly stated in these contracts, which people do not read much while signing up to the system, may bring new problems due to the lack of knowledge of the people in the future.


If you have made a deposit to your account from accounts belonging to different people and this has been noticed, the account you use to place your bet in the first place will be inactive. The reason for this is to prevent possible new problems until the account is clear. When the account is suspended, there will be some documents requested from you. Here you will usually be asked to send your photocopy of your identity card. If your credentials and the accounts you deposit money directly match, then no problem will arise and your account will be opened within 3 days on average. However, if your credentials and the bank information you deposit money into your account are not kept, then your account will be deleted. Most of the users who encounter such a situation mention that their money is left inside with the deletion of their accounts. However, the operation is specified here when becoming the first member. Therefore, people will not have any right to object to the deletion of their account due to accepting the user agreement.

Another reminder about casino sites that do not require documents is the properties of the requested documents. Generally, photocopy of identity cards is requested from individuals. However, a firm is not legally authorized to forward a double-duplex document request from you. Therefore, if the company has such a request on your side, it is useful to contact them. In addition, it is stated that some betting companies want the photographs of their credit cards from people who pay with credit cards. You should definitely stay away from companies that request such a document. Because, your 16-digit credit card number on the front of your credit card and the expiry date part of your card are very important. When the CVC code on the back is learned by a person, you can shop online with your credit card.

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